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miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2016

VAN GOGH's - Letters made Art.


Van Gogh  was always passionate about drawing everything around him, but especially about drawing peasants, and farm workers. He loved to be in touch with them, and help them out to the point that many times he went without food because he shared with them what little he had. Through all those years, he was trying to make an artistic niche for him in Paris, France. For this reason,  he maintained continuous correspondence exchange with his beloved brother Theo, who despite being  four years younger than Vincent, never abandoned  him, and always supported him financially, gave suggestions, and advice him to change the sad and dull palette with which Van Gogh painted.

Many of these drawings  became Van Gogh's  precious paintings.

Those letters were soaked on his art, distilling  sketches of  wonderful drawings in pencil, ink, pastels, using Ingres paper, parchment and even an envelope. They are the closest witnesses of Van Gogh's frustration, depression, madness, hallucinations, loneliness, hardships and fears.   This post will take you through many of those fascinating drawings with stunning lines and details, and which will put a little thought when Van Gogh expressed  concerns "because He did  not  know how to draw"

I hope you will end up  delighted to see both,  fine detailed lines and display  of wonderful art contained in his letters. Here are some examples of these wonderful drawings.

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