Cynthia R. Arte don y pasión amor por la pintura acrílica Costa Rica Arte-don-y-pasion : julio 2016

miércoles, 27 de julio de 2016


And here is my story:
I asked my little grandaughter (2 years old), please behave because I want to paint this beautiful moon. She said yes. I started painting the sky, moon, water, trees. But when I was going to try " to paint rocks for my first time", she got tired and wanted to paint too" I got nervous lol and started painting the rocks very fast, I did not pay attention to the video anymore. Now, please tell me how I almost ended up building another Chinese wall lol  I hope you like it. I think I will try another one when "there are no visitors" ja ja ja.

Y esta es la historia de hoy:

Empecé a pintar esta bella cascada viendo un tutorial y primera vez que intentaba pintar rocas, tenía a mi nieta a la par y le pedí que por favor se comportara y dijo que sí. Después de un corto tiempo, empezó a querer ella pintar y ya me puse nerviosa y corrí para pintar las piedras pero no sé como terminé pintando casi la Muralla China si nunca pinté piedras ja ja ja ja

lunes, 25 de julio de 2016


Esta pintura acrílica en canvas la hice siguiendo un tutorial que modifiqué solo un poquito. Hace días que no he podido dedicarme a pintar porque me queda poco tiempo y es más facil y rápido para mí cantar que pintar. Pero hoy que no están mis nenes alrededor, pude pintar esta bella princesa.

I haven't been able to paint lately because I have had grand kids around all week long. Today is a Holiday and they are not here. That is why, I could start and finish this beautiful piece. I followed Cinnamon Coney tutorial and I just made little changes. When I do not have enough time to paint and just some minutes, then, I sing that is another hobby that I love so much. My songs can be also found on my fb page if you want to listen to some of them. 

Painting, sing and blogging are my mainly hobbies. Thank you. Cynthia